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A First time travel nurse can have all of the fun!

Travel nurse jobs can upgrade your skill set, provide great benefits and compensation, and, of course, take you to exciting and romantic travel nursing destinations across the country.

This nurse got her first travel nursing job in Seattle with great pay, took her husband along and they are having a great time! This is what she says ...

Hello! We finally made it into Seattle yesterday to the Pike Place Market and loved it! For those of you who haven't been there...you have to go! The smells are so great...fresh flowers, vegetables, fish and the ocean. It felt a little bit like Holland and we can't wait to go back!

K. Kay- RN and travel nurse in Seattle

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travel nurse in Seattle

“Miami is great! The scuba diving down here is awesome! It has been a great experience and I am happy to provide a much needed service for the people of Miami as a travel nurse from your agency. It has motivated and stimulated me in so many ways; and, it all makes me work more efficiently – Your guys are great!”

D. Morley - Travel Nursing in Miami

Physical Therapy Assistant Terry H enjoys the outdoor lifestyle, along with the benefits of free private housing, wherever he and his travel nurse wife go ... a former engineer, this PTA continues to grow his travel therapy career. At age 58, the Oklahoma native travels between the Sooner State and Wisconsin, helping patients and their families, and enjoying the outdoors with travel RN wife, Richell. “I like being a part of healing others, I love people, I love teaching and I love what I do.”

Terry H - Travel Therapy in Oklahoma and Wisconsin

“In my first travel job I was very nervous about everything. But, the staff was very supportive and helpful. I have made so many new friends! I love my new travel nurse career!”

F. Salvo - Travel Nurse

travel nursing testimonials“My consultant is the best! She is knowledgeable, honest, and very caring. I consider her a friend as well as my consultant. She has helped me trough my travel nursing jobs and any questions I might have. Your travel nursing agency offers great client services. Thank you!”

K. Murray - Travel Nurse


"I enjoy learning and teaching new things. I live to travel to new places, meet new people and enjoy this beautiful country."

B. McLean - RN - Travel Nurse

“I’ve never been west of Chicago so I thought a traveling PT job would be a great way to see California and the rest of the country.”

J. Marsch - Travel Physical Therapist

“Your travel nurse consultants have made this a pleasurable experience, again! The help, suggestion, and support exceed -excellence. I love my travel assignment and I am very happy! “

M. Robertson - Travel Nurse

“I really like my recruiter! She is so friendly and always calls me back when I leave a message. I really appreciate the calls asking how I am doing. It truly makes me special and like I am not just another number for the travel nursing agency .”

J. Brown - Travel Nurse

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